Experiential Sessions

Option #1
Easton Archery Experience

Fee: $150 per person (includes tour and lunch)

The newly opened Easton Salt Lake City Archery Center is one of the country's preeminent facilities of its kind and this state-of-the-art center has already hosted the world's best archers. This unique experience is for first-timers and veteran archers alike. All guests will tour the facility, receive one-on-one instruction, and have a chance to test their skills with a bow.

Activity Inclusions

  • "Try Archery" for beginners
  • Archery Skills test with basic shooting
  • Archery Skeet with moving targets
  • Lunch at Squatters Brewpub Salt Lake City

Option #2
Salt Lake City Highlights Tour

Fee: $125 per person (includes lunch)

Salt Lake City boasts world-class arts, culture and sports, luxury shopping and a metropolitan food scene. Many don't realize this if they've never been, but by the end of
this tour you'll wish you had planned more time in Utah's capital city. From South Temple Street lined with grand historic buildings to the hallowed ground that is Temple Square, on this tour you'll get a crash course in what made and made Salt Lake City what it is today. We'll introduce you to the history and the people and the architecture. You'll leave with an appreciation for it all.

Activity Inclusions

  • 2.5 Guided Tour of Salt Lake City
  • Lunch at Squatters Brewpub Salt Lake City
  • Must be 21